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“Made in Delaware”

“Made in Delaware” is the latest original oil portrait by Tubby Raymond that features 3 of the greatest quarterbacks in Delaware history that went on to do great things in the NFL. Those quarter backs include Scott Brunner ‘79, Rich Gannon ‘86 and Joe Flacco ‘07. This portrait has been duplicated with 120 limited edition prints that are hand signed by Tubby and all three quarterbacks. In addition to those prints, 20 limited edition copies were made on stretched canvas to look exactly like his original oil portrait. Those are all hand signed as well. You can get your piece of Delaware and NFL history by making a minimum donation of $1,500 to the Tubby Raymond Foundation. These prints are authenticated and guaranteed against fading damage for over 100 years!

Tubby Raymond on “Made in Delaware”

“It was a great source of pride for the entire Delaware football family when the Blue Hen program produced three quarterbacks who played successfully in the NFL. Scott Brunner led our ’79 Delaware team to a national championship before he became the New York Giants starting quarterback. After their Delaware playing careers, Richard Gannon and Joe Flacco took their prospective NFL teams to the Super Bowl and were awarded the elite status of MVP. These great accomplishments inspired me to paint this portrait which we aptly entitled ‘Made In Delaware’. My hope is that those of you who are loyal Delaware fans or just football fans in general will support the Tubby Raymond Foundation by being generous with your donations and, as a bonus, take away your piece of Delaware Football history. Your donations will go directly to support the dramatic needs of at risk children right here in Delaware.”

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Our Mission

The Tubby Raymond Foundation is a 5013c charity that is dedicated to supporting the needs of “at-risk” children inside the boarders of Delaware. Coach Raymond is quick to say that watching the accomplishments of his players after their college careers were over brought him the most joy. The actual competition on Saturdays was not what motivated Tubby as much as being a mentor and teacher to his players. That motivation is why his foundation is focused on giving young people who, without support, may never meet that mentor, coach or teacher that could help propel them to success in life.